The Awesome Diversity of the Japanese Mobile Phone Market

Oh how I envy the japanese. Not only do they have a gorgeously difficult-to-learn language, delicious food, excellent sense of fashion, out-of-this-world technology, but they also have the most varied and, dare I say, fascinating, mobile phone lineup.

I’m a huge believer in the power of choice. Choice of services, designs, providers and styles. As mobile telephony becomes more and more woven in our lives, I believe being able to get a mobile to match is an important thing.

X-Ray life>phone (image source: AU by KDDI)

As I wrote in an earlier entry, it seems the North American market is flooded with black-square devices. Mobiles that virtually look the same, that feel the same, that provide pretty-much the same user experience. Add to that the quasi-ubiquity of the iPhone and the fact that it’s offered in just one colour (« You can have it in any colour, as long as it’s black », to paraphrase Henri Ford) and you get a market of black squares.

Browsing the mobile lineups of a few japanese operators, I’m flooded with relieving images of handsets in various shapes and colours, each offering a personalised look and feel and a different user experience.  You get mobiles geared towards varying interests: sports, photography, work, tv. You get the most personal of mobiles. That matters.

Now, of course, they also have the service portfolio to match the offerings. Mobiles serve as credit cards and metro passes, mobiles have been used for over 10 years to access content online and share life as it happens. This is what we need over here. We need services and choices.

Now, treat your eyes to variety:

au by KDDI

NTT DoCoMo’s Spring Handset Lineup

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