Aurevoir, Steve Jobs

Hier soir, le monde a perdu un homme d’une grande influence.

Visionnaire, instigateur, totalement intransigeant, Steve Jobs a profondément contribué à façonner le paysage technologique d’aujourd’hui.

Steve Jobs aura été père et parrain d’une quantité de produits faisant figure de proue du monde moderne. L’Apple II, le Macintosh, le NeXT, l’iPod, l’iPhone, tous sont issus de la grande vision de monsieur Jobs.

Nous, chez boxov, tenons à offrir nos plus profondes sympathies à la famille et aux amis de monsieur Jobs.

Aurevoir, Steve Jobs. Merci pour la technologie et pour l’inspiration.


From Content Consumption to Content Creation

Korg iElectribe on iPad

I’m a bit of a late comer to the iPad landscape. As some of you may know, I’m not hugely fond of the way the iOS landscape is being managed. I’m a huge believer in the power of choice and the closed design monopoly that Apple has goes directly against that idea.

But I’m also hugely fond of awesome designs and brilliant user experiences. I might have been hugely skeptical, but as far as awesome user experience goes, man does the iPad deliver.

Everything just feels profoundly right with the iPad UX. From the way the screen responds when you glide your finger on it to the way the interface rotates in all directions, everything feels smooth and well thought out. Hell, even the on-screen keyboard is (almost) a delight to type on.

I’ve only had my iPad for about 4 days now, but I’ve definitely witnessed a change in my computing habits. I’ve spent a lot less time at my desk, most of the time choosing to use the iPad and the couch to watch videos or browse the web instead of my wooden chair and stark laptop. That, in itself, is a freeing feeling. Sure, I could have simply chosen to move the laptop around the house, but the laptop gets hot. Burn your future children kinda hot. Also, laptop is bulky and almost overkill for light computing.

The awesomest part though resides in hidden potential the iPad has. It can go from a brilliant content consumption device to a hugely powerful content creation machine with just the right apps to enable it to do so.

It’s quite a crazy idea to wrap one’s head around, the fact that you can now carry a small book-like device that can become an illustrator’s sketchpad, a musician’s synth or drum machine or even full-fledged 8 track recorder. Even more so then the laptop, the iPad (and other tablets as the ecosystem evolves and matures) can help bring ideas to fruition and free the lingering creative spirit.

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