L’après septembre analogique

Comme une brise marine, le mois de septembre est reparti aussi vite qu’il est arrivé. Au cours du mois, nous avons beaucoup parlé de la photographie traditionnelle sous un angle résolument ludique, en mettant l’emphase sur les appareils photo jouets, sur le côté lo-fi de la photographie à film.

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Setting The Scene

When I was a child, I was constantly fascinated by visions of the future. I loved watching sci-fi movies and futuristic thrillers. Early 1990s, I learned English by leafing through computer magazines. I would cut out the adverts, bookmark the « future vision »-type articles.

Hell, I even kept a notebook where I did concept drawings of devices and of their GUIs.

Then teenage years hit. I took an interest in the arts and left computing behind. I finished high school and, contrary to what everyone told me, I went and studied visual arts and photography.

Nature always finds a way. I went back to school in 2010. Major: computer science.

As time advances, I’m realising more and more that I am fascinated by user interfaces and user interaction, the world of mobile devices and of convergence-computing. We are growing nearer to the much-touted 90s-era goal of ubiquitous computing. It’s an awesome time to be alive.


Welcome to Boxov. I hope you enjoy the ride.